Photo Carla
Ciência Viva

What is your motivation to involve in the project?
Eudcation is key to solve plastic pollution! We want to provide schools in Portugal the opportunity to understand the problem of plastic pollution in loco, with hands-on activities and experiences, while also assisting researchers to better understand what is going on in our rivers and freshwater ecosystems.

Why is citizen science important for Portugal?
Citizen science allows people – in this case students – to be part of the scientific process, to understand how science works and it also helps reducing the gap that still exists between academia and society. By taking part in citizen science projects, students are also inspired to pursue scientific careers and to continue contributing to advancing scientific knowledge.

What is your biggest wish for the future?
I wish that those who take part in the campaign understand how strongly linked to the future of our planet their actions and decisions are. I hope they understand the problem and take action to save what’s still left and can be protected.

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