Ecologic Institut

Where do we find your pirate lair – by urban or wild riverbanks or at the wind-swept coast?

I live in Berlin on the banks of the Spree and Havel. But since I grew up in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, there is also a coastal pirate somewhere inside me.

How did you become part of the Plastic Pirate crew?

I am on the communications team at Ecologic Institute and came on board to coordinate the reprogramming of the website.

Captain, Bosun or Deckhand? What is your job onboard the Plastic Pirates ship?

Together with our web developers, I take care of all the processes in the background that make sure the Plastic Pirates website runs smoothly and all participants can enter their data into our interactive map. Additionally, I support public relations and take care of the German Instagram and Facebook profiles. Have a look or participate with the hashtag #PlasticPiratesEU

How do you personally experience the problem of plastics in our environment?

I feel like I am constantly surrounded by the plastic problem. Whether I'm jogging, going for a walk, or riding my bike, I'm always shocked by the trash lying around outdoors. Through my work at Ecologic Institute, I am also aware of the problem of microplastics, which is not necessarily visible to us at first glance.

What does the Plastic Pirates project mean to you?

I think that the project is exciting in the way it raises awareness among children and young people. I also find it pretty amazing that the data from our citizen scientists is scientifically evaluated, allowing each and every plastic pirate to contribute something to the body of research.

What do they call you aboard the pirate ship?

Captain Killerwal (Captain Killer Whale)