Photo Katja Sreš
Ecologists without borders

What is your motivation to involve in the project?
If we just for a moment imagine that the climate crisis is only a hoax – would it be really that bad if we did something good for our environment and future? Let’s do it Plastic Pirates!

Why is citizen science important for Slovenia?
Without citizen science one of the greatest success stories of Slovenia would not be written. A record breaking 14 % of the population took part in the biggest clean-up action which relied on the data about illegal dumpsites. I believe Plastic Pirates will be able to once again spark activism and commitment for a greener future. 

What is your biggest wish for the future?
Waste prevention and reuse are the go to solutions for the plastic pollution. My biggest wish for the future is that we don’t only reuse the same old words and promises on paper but see some more inspirational reuse initiatives in the real world.