Kiel Science Factory/IPN

Where do we find your pirate lair – by urban or wild riverbanks or at the wind-swept coast?
I am a coastal pirate, currently living in Kiel on the Baltic Sea.

How did you become part of the Plastic Pirate crew?
I have been working pretty intensely on the subject of microplastics in coastal ecosystems since my studies and have been a Plastic Pirates crew member since September 2020.

Captain, Bosun or Deckhand? What is your job onboard the Plastic Pirates ship?
Mostly I work on analysing the data collected by our school groups, and also enjoy taking on other smaller tasks, such as writing short articles or conducting webinars/teacher trainings.

How do you personally experience the problem of plastics in our environment?
Unfortunately, I see the problem of plastic pollution everywhere because I love to spend my free time outdoors, whether it is in nature or on the beach. Particularly on the beach, I constantly find trash fragments (large and small), which really have no business being there at all.

What does the Plastic Pirates project mean to you?
I particularly like the project's citizen science approach, i.e. the combination of educational work and science. On one side, your work actively contributes to a change in awareness regarding waste within society. On the other side, the project is legitimately scientific, as the data collected is properly evaluated and findings are shared with the international research community in scientific journals.

What do they call you aboard the pirate ship?
Piratin Sinja Sini Säbelzahn (Pirate Sinja Sini Sabertooth)