Plastic Pirates in ERA monitoring EU-level Report 2023
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The ERA Monitoring Report 2023 has been released, and we are thrilled to announce that the Plastic Pirates - Go Europe! project has been highlighted as one of the standout accomplishments within the ERA Policy Agenda 2022-24. This recognition underscores the project's successful expansion at a European level.

The Plastic Pirates initiative, under ERA Action 14, saw participation from 11 countries, successfully engaging over 5,000 young citizens in efforts to combat plastic pollution. (ERA monitoring EU-level Report 2023: p. 7)

As a key component of “Action 14: Bring science closer to citizens”, the Plastic Pirates initiative has showcased the pivotal role of citizen science in fostering research engagement, demonstrating that such collaborative efforts can extend across the continent. This initiative has significantly contributed to elevating the visibility of citizen involvement in scientific research across the EU (see ibid.: p. 61).

The initiative's relevance has led to the incorporation of citizen engagement within the EU Missions, which aim to unite EU citizens around shared objectives and provide them with significant opportunities to partake in transformative actions. These missions are crucial for cultivating a participatory democracy within the EU. (ibid.: p. 82)

Looking ahead, it is anticipated that more projects and research endeavors employing a citizen science approach will emerge across Europe. We are proud to have contributed to highlighting the value of citizen science within the European Union. The complete report is accessible online.

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Source: European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, Andriescu, M., Collier, N., ERA monitoring 2023 – 18-month review of the implementation of the ERA policy agenda ('EU-level report'), Andriescu, M.(editor), Collier, N.(editor), Publications Office of the European Union, 2023,