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Join us for the Plastic-Pirates - Go Europe! Summit 2024 in November. Come aboard and stay tuned as we will be sailing towards a greener horizon! More information here

Plastic Pirates Spring Samplings

Ahoy, eco-warriors! The Plastic Pirates are back in action, and we're excited to announce the launch of our Spring Sampling Period! From May to July 2024, our Plastic Pirates will be making waves all across the continent. Do you want to join us in the fight against plastic pollution? Then come aboard! More information can be find here.



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Plastic Pirates in the spotlight: EuroNews covers the initiative in a TV clip

Catch the Plastic Pirates — Go Europe! on @euronews, making waves as they combat plastic pollution through citizen science! These young change-makers are not only cleaning rivers but also contributing to vital research.

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Teaming up against plastic waste!

The fascination with the ocean and rivers, together with their importance as a guarantor of species diversity, know no bounds. But plastic pollution on beaches and riverbanks in Europe also doesn’t stop at man-made borders. For this reason, avoiding micro- and macroplastic in the environment, a scientific approach to this challenge, and researching sustainable materials are tasks which we Europeans must take on together.

Plastic Pirates – Go Europe! is a European Citizen Science campaign, in which school classes and youth groups collect plastic samples from streams and rivers and document their findings. The collected data is then analysed by scientists and researchers. In this way, young European citizens are making an important contribution to researching the state of European rivers and the extent and pollution caused by plastic waste.

  • Are you interested in the Plastic Pirates campaign and want to learn more?

  • Do you want to do a sampling?

  • Would you like to check your group's results?

    • Check out our interactive map and see if your sampling appears on the map.

  • Are you interested in preliminary results of the Plastic Pirates campaign?

    • Read through the results page to learn more about plastic waste pollution in our rivers and waters.

  • Would you like to know more about how the European Commission supports this project?

    • To learn more about Horizon Europe and the Mission Restore our Oceans and Waters by 2030, click here.

Join us!

And help us close gaps in the existing research on the amount of different types of plastic waste. The fight against pollution from plastic waste, for cleaner water and for preserving natural resources for future generations in a united Europe can be a success only if we – the citizens – actively support joint political initiatives in the places we live.

Where are the Plastic Pirates sailing?

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Portugal Italy Greece Lithuania Latvia France Slovenia Spain Germany Hungary Click on a country to go to the Website.



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