International Coastal Clean-up Day
Plastic Pirates join the International Coastal Clean-up Day
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Every piece of plastic counts - Joint efforts for the International Coastal Clean-up Day

On September 16 people around the globe, individuals as well as volunteer organisations, were called to join forces and clean up the beaches and coastal areas from litter. 

The Plastic Pirates Team from Slovenia together with their supporters have shown huge engagement and have done a great job in cleaning up natural beaches. First of all, the Slovenian team, students and citiziens conducted a Plastic Pirates sampling and collected microplastics in group C via a stand-up paddle. During a microplastic workshop in the afternoon, they sorted out the microplastics and examined their findings. Students learned about citizen science as well as about the work of the Plastic Pirates. 

The Plastic Pirates Teams in Ireland and Belgium have also been very successful in contributing to the International Coastal Clean-up Day. Thanks for every piece of plastic you removed from the environment, beaches and coastal areas!

Coastal Clean-up Slovenia