Plastic Pirates Quiz - Our Group Winners
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Spotlight on the “Superheld:innen des Wienflusses”

Today we would like to introduce the main winners of the first Plastic Pirates Quiz, with the group name: “Superheld:innen des Wienflusses”! (super heroes of the Wien river)

The 23 students of class 1a at OMS-Pfeilgasse in Vienna (Austria) already supported the Plastic Pirates initiative at the beginning of November 2023 as part of the autumn samplings and diligently examined the amount of waste on the banks of the Wien River, which flows through Vienna.

Afterwards, the students took part in the Europe-wide Plastic Pirates Quiz together with their teacher Enikö Stringham. Alongside 30 other school classes and 91 individuals, they tested their knowledge about plastic pollution and the Plastic Pirates – Go Europe! project.

Congratulations and applause for our group winners!

Winners:Plastic Pirates Quiz
© Picture: Lisa Buder.

The Vienna school class solved the quiz perfectly and answered all questions correctly – as the only ones among all participants. They proved to be real Plastic Pirates and true superheroes.

The superheroes won our main prize: hip bags from GOT BAG, which makes its bags and backpacks from recycled plastic collected from the oceans. You can see the happy faces of the winners on the photos.

The school class even made a video about their Plastic Pirates Mission - get more insights on the school's website.

What was the quiz about?

In our first Plastic Pirates quiz, participants were asked to test their knowledge about the Plastic Pirates project and plastic pollution. Further information and the resolution of the quiz can be found here.

Many thanks to all participants of the Plastic Pirates Quiz!